Providing holistic solutions at every stage of development

PPZ believes in a customer-centric approach to deliver tangible results for asset owners and developers alike through state of the art mall management solutions. We bring on board, an objective-led approach built on understanding consumer behavior, market dynamics, retailer’s needs and correlation of components that add value to a retail space by designing spaces that come alive through a well though out tenant mix and a practical mall design. PPZ is attuned to the existing and unique market dynamics in the Indian scenario across various tiers of towns as well as the varied challenges of different retail space sizes. PPZ operated properties therefore have been a success in terms of delivering value to the owner and retailer. Besides creating compelling experiences for the end consumer, in comparison to prevalent industry average, PPZ managed malls have been able to deliver significantly higher footfalls and retailer rent collections. This outcome driven approach is the very DNA of PPZ suite of services that are aimed at creating successful retail enterprises.

PPZ range of services:


Business Plans, Forecasts, Invoicing, Fund Management, Collections, Vendor Payments, Tax computation & returns, Audit, Compliances,

Investment advisory, Asset Management, Annuity Income Strategist, Best Use Analysis, Cash Flow Management, Market Consumption Analysis, Asset Value Creation & Asset Consolidation

A distinctive property development process that ensures – functionally sound product, high-performing investment asset, minimized risk and maximising potential, Mixed Use Developments , catchment demographics , competition analysis , bylaws compliance , Urban Interface , Design Brief , GLA efficiency , Anchor Line shop Ratio.  Rental viability , Feasibility Studies , Internal &; External Circulation , Customer Touch Points , Events &; Promotion Areas Planning , Servicing Strategy , High yielding shops , efficient parking provision, back of the house infrastructure,  cutting edge shopfronts, signage and way finding,  mall furniture, sustainable assets, environmental graphics design

>>Design concept analysis:-

  • At this stage, client shares his vision for the project. In light of which, PPZ teams undertake the market research.
  • A clear understanding of the municipal requirements and physical constraints of the site is obtained to ensure viable design options.


>>Feasibility and Viability Studies:-

  • Analyze the cost elements of the development budget.
  • Assemble an acceptable cost plan with a market related income and expense schedule.
  • Achieve the client’s long term investment criteria.


>>Design management:-

  • This is a crucial stage where the maximum value can be achieved.
  • The conceptual, schematic and detail design stage are completed.
  • At the end of each design stage the project team prepares a draft design phase cost plan which is submitted to the client for approval.


>>Quality management system:-

  • To improve quality and control the process in all areas of the project.
  • Establish state of the art systems and procedures that strive to find cost effective solutions.
  • Find and execute methods to improve quality and control in all phases of the project.


>>Detailed technical review:-

  • A detailed review of all technical services is conducted in order to ensure that the most efficient and cost effective approaches have been adopted by all consultants. This will ultimately enhance the shopping experience and maximize revenue and growth.
  • This also ensures a long-term flexibility of the tenant mix.


>>Tenant installation services:-

  • A strong team oriented approach is struck between client, retailer, the centre management team, the appointed leasing agent, the designers and contractors, the professional teams and the sub contractors

Our services include end to end solution or seamless control from concept to completion, construction management , procurement strategy , timely information flow , Quality management , cost management , Contract administration, effective implementation of forms and procedures , well informed  client, project control tools , value engineering, change management , testing and commissioning , close out and handover,Tenant Co – ordination and Asset pre – opening,  Outline tenant criteria document , Manage Tenant Fitout Process , facilitate creative shopfronts, cloud based tenant management

Pre opening , Cam ,  Budgets , Mall Operations, Brand Performance ,P&L , Sop’s , Pascal-D , Retailer Relationship, Service vendors evaluation and monitoring, Maintenance , Collections, Events&Promotions, ,Laison, Operation Audits , Parking etc


Leasing is pivotal to maximizing profits and value of any retail property. PPZ is fully equipped to design effective lease programming and marketing strategy for each property, executing strategies and tactics to maximize tenancy and retention at shopping centres. Over the years PPZ has built lasting relationships with various national and international retail brands and hence implement leasing strategies in terms of getting anchor store and other key brands for creating a successful retail space for its clients. With an understanding of the tenanat’s business, objectives, goal-setting and financial considerations, PPZ executes retail relations that are win-win for both the developer as well as the retailer.

PPZ is committed to developing exciting and unique tenant mix for each property that would eventually lead to enhancing its asset value.

Tenant mix

An ideal tenant mix is at the very heart of driving success for any retail space. It is a strategic approach to meeting consumer needs as well as aspirations that make a retail space desired over others. A retail mix that works in a certain geography may not work in another. Hence, a very strategic and objective driven approach is required to arrive at the most ideal strategy for every property. Besides, of-course, relationships and past record of delivering results for the prospective tenants plays a key role in ensuring the presence of retailers that match the strategic road map for the property. With years of delivering results in this space, PPZ has built lasting relationships with retailers across segments and has proven expertise in understanding the technical and financial requirements of retailers. From super-premium and high luxury international labels to coveted anchors with impressive pull factor, PPZ has worked with retailers from across categories.

The PPZ tenant mix strategy is aimed at creating exciting and compelling environment for consumers for repeat walk-ins and enhanced purchase experience.

Property management strategy builds on the basic idea of interdependence between the Mall and the Retailer. It focuses on the business benefits that can grow out of collaborated business management between the Mall Developers and the Retailers. The whole focus of property management is on suggesting a structured way for a relationship between the Retailer and the Mall. This concept is a process to enhance customer traffic, and thereafter, increasing profit margins.

Property Management’s primary responsibility is to provide a quality shopping experience. This includes focus on diverse elements such as fulfilling all day-to-day operational responsibilities of the properties, managing operational and enhance capital value of its investment to insure a consistent and reliable retail product.

Other aspects pertaining to property management:

Finance management

  • Invoicing, collection of income including rentals, service charges, utility charges, car park receipts, electricity and other utility income
  • Developing accounting systems to track the ageing debtors
  • Developing standard financial templates
  • Detailed annual property budget

Lease Management & Administration

  • Defining terms of renewals and managing new leasing deals
  • Maintaining full tenant file and correspondence
  • Collection of all relevant lease & unaudited information

Facility Management

Refers to the integration of people, place, process and technology in a building. It includes the following activities:

  • Administration Management
  • Maintenance of Assets
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Ambience Management
  • Traffic Management

Operations Management – Soft services

  • General information & communication
  • Security & systems
  • Fire fighting
  • Parking
  • Housekeeping
  • Pest control
  • Landscaping
  • Waste management

Marketing & Mall Media

Involves promotional activities and events to build awareness, drive store traffic and increase per visit spend with in the mall:

  • Celebrity promotional events
  • Loyalty programs
  • Festive events
  • Onsite events
  • Community programs and co marketing partner schemes

Mall Media

  • Letting of advertising space within the mall
  • Coordinating design, production, installation and maintenance of all advertising material

At Property Zone, understanding the investor’s mind set is one of the most important aspects for initiating any development. While making the development efficient for the tenants and creating an experience for the end customer, the primary focus has and will always be, creating maximum value for the investors.

With Property Zone’s experience and understanding the Indian Real Estate market, PPZ is able to analyze the best usage of a property in most parts of India. Information collected over the years is enough to enable any international investor to venture into new investment opportunities in India.
Some of the key values that we add in providing these services are:

  • Analyze the city potential
  • Manage the research process
  • ‘Best Use Analysis’ study of the site
  • Catchment potential study
  • Understanding the existing tenant performances
  • Doing a high level massing along with a preliminary tenant mix
  • Managing the QS costing process
  • Doing a high level feasibility study on the expected returns
  • Recommending the best product mix for the site
  • Mall Positioning
  • Brand Management
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Annual Marketing Calender
  • Tieups
  • Events, Strategy & execution
  • PR
  • Social Media
  • SOH